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Salesforce is one of the leading leader in CRM platforms and that is for a number of  reasons. It can be customised we are quite well versed with how to make it work for your business.


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Salesforce has designed its Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) specifically for Non-Profits to. Non-Profits registered in UK, USA and many other countries qualify for free and discounted licenses. Get in touch with us and we will explain how you can qualify.

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Crises Management

Discovery & Analysis

The starting point for any business automation is to understand the existing business model and develop target business model. Determines the areas to be automated and the approach to be adopted for achieving the desired state.

Modeling & Innovation

The bigger picture on a small paper is what this phase is all about. If we can see the whole operation on one page and add innovative and creative ways of determining options then awesome solutions can be created.

Technology & Architecture

Depending on the business needs there could be various alternative approaches and technology options. With our experience we are able to quickly identify alternative options and together arrive at the most feasible option for your business.

Deployment with success

Defining the right approach to deployment determines the success level of the project. Our business and technology specialists suggest those approaches which provide high confidence levels of success deployments. 

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The need to automate processes and ability to operate and manage your business from anywhere, anytime…is more than ever. The time has come where use of technology is a must for business continuity.

Techrun Technologies has ideas, expertise & platforms that will enable you to use the right technologies. With extensive experience of working across industries, platofrms and applications, techrun is able to understand, define and deploy the technology based solutions that simply work. 

Digitise your paper based processes

Automate Sales, Service and customer related processes

whether you need to receive applications and request from customers or require your employees to fill either paper forms or generate emails for requesting services; all of these can be digitised and initiated from web based digital forms in a secure manner. Diffeerent requests cn then trigger relevant workflows to complete the job. Talk to us today to discuss what you would like to automate in order to provide a great customer experience.  

Automate HR, Finance and other internal processes

Do more from your website

Receive applications, enquiries, service requests & more

Website is a great place from where a business can deliver its services. It not only makes it convenient for customers, suppliers and employees but also helps in the management, consolidation and reporting of operations. If you need have your website created or require enhancement to your existing website then get in toiuch with us today to discuss how we can help.

Create knowledge base, take customers towards self care

Automation of a Regulatory framework in the public sector for a newly established Directorate

Php – .Net – MySql – HTML

Salesforce CRM for Non-Profit to manage Grants, internal operations & service delivery. – Sales Cloud – Non Profit Success Pack

Ordering integration with Warehousing and Logistics companies

Process modelling – Functional Specs – Project Management

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“Techrun Technologies has really helped our charity become what it is today and build a great foundation for us to grow in the future. Techrun held our hands through the whole process making our plans even better than we hoped. The team are friendly and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend using them for any IT requirements.”

Naomi Tomkys OBE 
Chief Executive @ sky badger

“Having an IT  Platform has made many improvements to how we operate, from monitoring contracts and grants to collaborating on support packages for our families. Jobs that used to take us a few days now take us a few minutes! The support that Techrun has given us has been excellent and we could not have done it without them”

Michelle King
CEO @ Little Mirales Charity

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Its been a privelege to have been a small part of big success storiesfor organisations who continue to make a difference to their communities

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